A USB Analog Input Module Tutorial to measure Voltages

Realize a monitoring system using USB Analog Input Modules

Analog Input Module

If a control and data acquisition solution is necessary for any automation process, the LucidControl USB IO Module is suitable because of handling analog and digital channels too. The units are USB power supplied and work stand alone without needing other adapters what makes LucidControl a inexpensive equipment also for mobile solutions.

A standard link to the Universal Serial Bus is sufficient in order to run the USB Analog Input Module.

The USB ADC Modules can be integrated without much hassle in distribution boxes which are quite normal in automation business simply because of the flexible DIN-Rail attachable housing. For reliable solutions it is additionally advantageous that the I/O modules are prepared with high quality and industrial standard plug-able terminal contacts.

Solutions covering e.g. controlling a central heating equipment which are usual in the do-it-yourself branch can be realized clean and straight forward by adding the modules into distribution boxes.

Owing to an comprehensive documentation, professional development tools and SDKs for many important programming environments and also their easy use make the USB Analog Input Module an excellent automation solution for newbies as well as for specialists. In the education section, the modules can be utilized by learners to do their first steps in automated development.

Without needing extra driver software, they are operating out of the box with most popular computers and support Microsoft Windows® as well as Linux operating systems. Very usable are the modules also because of their compatibility not only with ordinary personal computers but also with the just lately became famous small computers like the Raspberry Pi.

Making use of Linux operating system these micro-sized computers are absolutely best suited to create web based applications and make all I/O functionality accessible through the Internet.

Versatile USB Analog Input Modules briefly explained

LucidControl analog acquisition and output DAC modules represent one group of input output modules that are ready to handle analog channels such as voltages. The LucidControl USB Analog Input Modules are prepared to measure four analog voltage channels.

The input channels are prepared to acquire positive as well as negative lines in the values of 5V, 10V, 24V as well as the negative ranges of -5V to 5V, -10V to 10V and -24 to 24V. Interfaces with ranges of 0-10 and 0-24V are very often used in the automation industry.

Typically used detectors such as wind sensors generate 0-10V interfaces where the captured voltage is proportional to the measured wind velocity and that is why the 0-10V interface of the USB analog acquisition module fits best to communicate type of devices.

Vortex flow meters for instance generate analog voltage signals being proportional to the amount of fluid run through it per time unit and the USB analog input module is able to acquire these sizes.

Concerning accuracy the 0-10V selection of the LucidControl Universal Serial Bus analog input device captures a connected voltage signal with 25mV tolerance being a a good compromise between price and precision while being adequate for plenty monitoring tasks.

A high resolution of 14 bit ensures a precision of 0.25% spread over the whole acquisition range of the LucidControl USB analog input device. The precision of the measured channel is further increased applying the included signal processing level and the disturbance filter.

In order to make the USB Analog Input Module as helpful as viable and also to manage most possible services, it is our focus to handle a number of digital and analog signals with the USB Modules. Extra information about the LucidControl Universal Serial Bus IO units can be found on our website.

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