How to use USB IO Modules and what they can do for you

LucidControl USB IO Modules explained in a Nutshell

When an automated solution is necessary, the LucidControl USB IO Modules are highly recommended as being a good choice.

USB Digital Input Module

By offering impressive technological attributes at a reasonable price, the USB devices change one computer into a DAQ, monitoring and control system. By capturing and generating digital and analog io lines like currents, voltages and clocks, these innovative USB IO modules are ready to handle electric consumers like fans, pumps or even lamps by USB.

Beside of being very best prepared for house automation, LucidControl USB Modules are generally developed to help meet many related requirements of business services including machine automation. LucidControl USB IO modules are prepared for professional purposes plus they are equipped with reliable professional IO terminals. The potential of fitting the units onto standard DIN-Rails is just one advantage pointed out now. This feature allows the addition of LucidControl IO Units into control cabinets of an automized project.

The possibility to install the USB devices into switchgear cabinets together with reliable terminals cause them to become the very best choice for automation applications such as also process area.

The USB IO Modules are made in order to be suitable for different operating-systems like Microsoft Windows® and Linux. Thanks to the standardised device driver, which is included in recent operating-system, immediate installation can be performed without difficulty in a few minutes.

Additionally, the USB Devices are appropriate for the impressive Raspberry Pi as well as the Texas Instruments Beagle Bone Black computer boards which are very popular nowadays. Web based services and mobile applications symbolize only two examples of several which can be realized by these computer boards.

All LucidControl USB IO Modues are supposed to be managed utilizing the identical easy to use software that makes managing the modules hassle-free where it is not important how many modules may be attached to a dedicated computer system. Using the supplied terminal application, the Java® and Python Application programming interfaces give entire access to all capabilities of these units.

All LucidControl USB IO Modules can be controlled with the same simple to use program which makes working with the units really easy. Once an unit is present at the Universal Serial Bus port of a computer it begins operating immediately.

USB Control and Data Acquisition Solution

The USB Modules are versatile and can be used for numerous automation projects. When analog io lines or digital io lines have to be acquired and generated for example in the factory floor automation field, the modules can be employed in order to control lawn sprinklers, fans or other electric consumers.

Simple tasks like developing a time switch or even more advanced automation functions like measuring as well as monitoring of temperature and moisture can be solved without hassle by using the USB IO Modules. Since the USB IO Devices are able to scale data like humidity and temperatures, they are also focused on power saving equipment.

By supplying clocked outputs as well as standardised analog 0-10 Volt interfaces, pumps, valves as well as mixers of a heating system could be regulated based on quantified temperatures. In the personal niche these low-cost LucidControl USB IO devices enable you to dim LEDs setting up e.g. unique illumination surroundings. Not forgetting that all services can be managed through the web even by employing cell phones.

After a LucidControl USB IO Module is linked to the Web there are actually zero limits in possibilities.

Flexible USB Interfaces for Analog IO and USB Digital IO

To make the product as useful as realisable and to handle the majority types of potential services, it is our companies aim to handle many digital and analog signals with this LucidControl USB IO Units.

Appropriate for Raspberry Pi and Texas Instrument Beagle Bone Black Computers

Generally, LucidControl is based on personal computer systems and it is compatible with most computers operating with Linux and Windows. Futhermore, cheap and single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi as well as the BeagleBone Black, that offer USB ports, network and display interfaces, are dedicated operating along with the USB modules. Due to the Linux operating system these computer boards can address a lot of tasks easily.

Lots of programs such as common Web servers as well as reliable databases can support you, can be found on the Web and can be installed - often free of charge. After a Web server has been setup, the IO module can be reached with all of its features remotely simply by web browsers, secure and around the world.

Observing as well as saving of collected data as well as events is possible at minimum hassle by using a professional database system such as MariaDB.

There are many example programs available showing using LucidControl USB IO products.

Software and Documentation

An extensive and also continuously increasing available software bundle which makes the set-up of LucidControl IO modules extremely simple can be found on this website. The included documentation is really comprehensive and moreover supply along with the tutorials valuable know-how such as tips for various purposes.

A first start could be the LucidIoCtrl terminal (console) software that works together with all LucidControl USB devices and is the ideal choice to configure and control the devices without any single line of coding.

Giving entire access to the modules and being available for all leading operating systems without requiring set up, it reduces development time to a minimum and additionally boosts the time to enter the market. SDKs for several software development languages such as Python and Java® are supplied. The console software is appropriate in order to create portable applications which are necessary for internet accessibility straightforward.

Additionally, the units are completely explained without something being left out or kept secret which allows the creation of new ports for other software development environments or supporting other computer architectures.

Concept and Support

Our firm the developer and producer of LucidControl IO products and we use the units for a lot of our projects. We aim to make the start into the the LucidControl IO environment as easy as realizable but in case you've got some problem which you can not solve yourself, we will assist you as good as we can in order to find a solution.

Both, the hardware as well as the software are clear designed, extendable and have a consistent and modular approach. Tailored value added modules could be achieved by add-on extensions which do not modify the principle of LucidControl USB IO units but can offer different or further functionality.

Because of the adaptable and upgradeable software, functions can be applied and updated in the field without difficulty what saves your funding in the future.

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